Residential Recycling

The 2021 recycling service schedule is now available from Republic Services.  


The Recycling Division is responsible for organizing a residential recycling program by providing proper collection, handling, and disposal of recyclables to maintain a safe, healthy, and clean environment for residents of the City.

The City of Anoka contracts with one hauler for single-sort recycling service - no sorting or separating! Simply put all of your recycling items in the cart and Republic Services will take care of the rest.

Single-Family Households

Place all of your recyclables in your single sort container and wheel it to the curb by 6 am on your designated pick-up day. Service occurs the same day your garbage is picked up, but recycling is serviced biweekly. The service schedule and route map are provided below if you are unsure of what day your recycling is serviced. If you need an additional recycling cart to help with overflow of materials, please contact Republic Services at 952-941-5174. There is no charge for an additional cart.

Apartment Renters

Ask your manager about the centralized storage location for recycling at your apartment building. If your apartment building does not offer recycling, please contact your manager to see that it is added. By law, residents must be provided the opportunity to recycle. If you have questions or concerns, please contact the city recycling manager at 763-576-2725.

Annual Recycling Events

The City of Anoka also hosts two recycling drop off events each year. The spring event is the last Saturday of April and the fall event is the last Saturday of September each year at 501 Pierce Street in Anoka from 8 am to Noon. Some fees apply. Additional events are added throughout the year. Check out the Community Events calendar on this website to learn more.

Yard Waste Service

Residents, do you have yard waste you need to dispose of properly? If so, please contact your garbage hauler directly to inquire about its yard waste service. As a reminder, the City of Anoka does not contract to provide yard waste service. Another option is to utilize the Anoka County Bunker Hills Compost Site, located at 13285 Hanson Boulevard in Coon Rapids. For more information about the compost site, call 763-767-7964 or visit Anoka County Compost Sites page.

Household Hazardous Waste

Do you have some hazardous materials that you are unsure how to dispose of properly? Visit Anoka County’s Household Hazardous Waste Facility page for full details on what the facility will accept.

Items That Don’t Belong in Bins

Please do not bag your recyclables in plastic bags, as they are a contaminant.

Leave these out, since they:

  • Damage Equipment- the following items can damage recycling equipment:
    • Chains
    • Hoses
    • Plastic Bags
    • Ropes
    • Scrap Metal
    • Shredded Paper
  • Harm Workers- the following can hurt recycling facility employees:
    • Batteries
    • Diapers
    • Hazardous Products
    • Medical Sharps
  • Are Not Recyclable- the following items can’t be recycled to begin with:
    • Black Food Trays
    • Chip Bags
    • Dishes
    • Egg Cartons
    • Foil Drink Pouches
    • Mirrors
    • Plastic Straws and Utensils
    • Refrigerator and Freezer Boxes
    • Styrofoam
    • Vases
    • Wrappers

If you think something is recyclable, but you are not sure, contact the City Recycling Coordinator at 763-576-2725 or Anoka County’s Recycling and Resource Department. By keeping your recycling free of contaminants, it is easier to sort and send to markets, which keeps costs down for all of us. Lastly, please make sure your recyclables are empty and clean Before placing them in your recycling container.  And remember, when in doubt, throw it out!

Anoka County Recycling App

Anoka County launched its latest tool to help you recycle more and it’s right in the palm of your hand.  Download the app on the App Store or on Google Play and learn more about recycling!