Community Development Department

Building Department Division

The Building Department processes all building, electric, mechanical and plumbing permit applications for commercial and residential properties.  Staff answers building, mechanical and plumbing code questions.  To ensure safety, the Building Official inspects projects to confirm each meets all state and city codes.   Contact the Building Department Division to obtain permit history information of a property.  We are currently contracting with Rum River Consultants as our Building Official. 

Code Enforcement and Property Maintenance Division

The Code Enforcement and Property Maintenance Division ensures that rental properties are meeting all safety codes. This division helps the City of Anoka maintain property values, preserve its housing stock and uphold quality neighborhoods by actively pursuing to remove property blight.  Contact this division with rental property and blight concerns.

Economic Development Division

The Economic Development Division is responsible for the preparation and administration of a citywide economic development plan to create community stability through employment growth, balanced development, a strengthened tax base and income growth.  

Planning and Zoning Division

The Planning and Zoning Division oversees all development within the city of Anoka. Staff prepares and implements the Comprehensive Plan which guides land use, zoning, utilities, transportation, recreation, housing and more.  Planning staff prepare reports and make recommendations to the  Planning Commission and the City Council for decisions regarding development within the city.  Staff also processes, reviews driveway, fence and sign permit applications, and answers questions about development, zoning, building code changes, home occupations, business signage, and code variances.  In addition, staff supports the Heritage Preservation Commission and the Anoka Enterprise Park Architectural Review Board.  

Rental Licensing Division

The Rental Licensing Division processes all Rental Licensing applications making sure all documentation required by city code is in order and answer all questions property owners may have.  We maintain the Rental Density Cap map  and answer questions about the ordinance.  This division supports the Community Development Department.