Interconnecting Distributed Energy Resources (DER)

Interconnection Process Overview

If you are interested in purchasing your own Distributed Energy Resource (DER) to add to your home or business, such as solar panels, check out the necessary steps to start the process to interconnect a DER system to the distribution grid. Read the full details on our Distributed Generation Policy (PDF) for interconnection. 

This Interconnection Process uses the term DER to address all types of generation and energy resources that can be interconnected to the electric Distribution System. DER technologies can include photovoltaic solar systems, wind turbines, storage batteries or diesel generators and are not limited to renewable types of technologies.

How To Get Started

Complete these steps to request installation of a DER system from your home or business to the distribution grid.

  1. Determine the Process Track based on DER technology and size limitations of the project.
    Interconnection Process Qualifications
    DER TechnologySize LimitationsRequired Process Track 
    Certified Inverter OnlyUp to 20 kW ACSimplified Process *
    All typesUp to 40 kW ACFast Track Process
    All typesUp to 10 MW ACStudy Process
    *Simplified Process eligibility does not imply or indicate the Interconnection Application will pass the initial review screens.  If engineering screens are failed during the application process, a proposed DER interconnection may be moved into a different track. Failure to pass the screens will usually route the Interconnection Application to the Fast Track Process. When a proposed DER interconnection is moved into a different track, additional information may be requested and additional fees may apply. 

  2. Determine the Interconnection Application to use based on the Process Track determined in step 1.
    Interconnection Application Requirements
    Process Track
    Required  Application
    Application Processing Fee
    Simplified Interconnection Application
    Standard Interconnection Application


    Standard Interconnection Application - with MMPA Power Agreement
    $1,000 + $2/kW down payment. Additional study fees may apply.
     Optional before any Process 
    Pre-Application Report Request


    *Study Process requires a Power Agreement with Minnesota Municipal Power Association (MMPA). Please contact AMU's master electrician before starting the interconnection project.

  3. Complete the instructions for the applicable Interconnection Application determined in step 2,  submit payment of the non-refundable application processing fee(s), then submit required documentation using our interconnection submission forms. 
    Interconnection Submission Forms
    Application Type 
    Application Submission Forms
    (one form to upload all required documents)
    Simplified Interconnection Application

    Simplified Interconnection Application Submission Form

    Standard Interconnection Application

    Standard Interconnection Application Submission Form

    Pre-Application Report Request

    Pre-Application Report Request Submission Form  

Additional Questions

Additional information can be found on our Distributed Generation Policy (PDF). Check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)  page or contact us at Anoka Municipal Shop for further questions.