Before You Dig

Call Before You Dig

State law requires you call the Gopher State One Call (GSOC) center at 651-454-0002 before you begin digging. All utilities (electric, phone, cable TV, gas) will locate their facilities within 48 hours of your call to the center. This is a free service. 

Man Digging

Contact Gopher State One Call (GSOC) before starting any excavation project. Whether the project is large or small, if you are using machine-powered equipment or just a shovel and rake to plant a garden, get your work area marked. Contacting GSOC in advance helps you and your loved ones dig safely while avoiding costly damages to underground facilities. For more information about types of tickets and ticket response codes, please go to our ticketing page. -GSOC website

Things to Remember

  • You must contact GSOC at least 48 hours (not including weekends and holidays) in advance of your plans to excavate.
  • Always check yard markings and GSOC ticket status before beginning excavation (visit their website for more information)
  •  Before contacting GSOC, please review the questions you will need to answer - they can be found in the GSOC  Locate Request Guide (PDF) on their website.
  • Check out Gopher State One’s Dig Safe Guide (PDF) on their website for more great tips!
  • Emergency Locates Only Phone: 1-866-640-3637
  • Gopher State One Call is available for emergency calls 24/7.