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Boards & Commissions Application

  1. If you are interested in applying for a vacant seat on one of the City of Anoka's Boards and Commissions, please complete the form, submit it, and the Administration Department will follow up with an email confirming it was received.

    All applications received are presented to the Anoka City Council, who will vote to appoint an individual(s) to fill the seat(s).  

    NOTE:  Upon appointment, all information included in this application is classified as public data. 

  2. Applying for (check only one Board or Commission):*

    Individuals may serve on only one city Board or Commission at a time.  

  3. Are you a resident in the city of Anoka?*
  4. Do you meet the qualifications to serve on the Board or Commission in which you are applying, as stipulated in the City's policy on appointments to Board and Commissions?*
  5. Are you able to meet as necessary to fulfill the responsibilities of appointment to this Board or Commission? *
  6. List up to three references, including first and last name, address, email and/or telephone number.

  7. Thank you for your interest in serving on the City of Anoka's Boards & Commissions. If you have any questions about the application process, please contact the Administration Department at 763-576-2740.

    This application is of public record.  Public service opportunities are offered by the City of Anoka without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, disability, sex, or sexual orientation.  



  9. Was application submitted by due date?  ______ Yes    ______ No

    Applicant is:     _____ New Applicant     _____ Applying for Reappointment

    Appointment is for a:     _____ Partial Term     _____ Full Term

    Date submitted to Council:  ________________________________     

    Council Action:     

    ______ Not Appointed  

    ______ Appointed (Expiration: __________________________)

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