Archery Deer Hunting

RequirementsBuck Walking

The City limits the participation in the archery deer program to residents of the city of Anoka only and controls the number of hunters allowed on each property. Youth (age 12 to 17 years of age) interested in hunting must live within the city of Anoka or attend  Anoka High School or Anoka Middle School. Proof of residency will be required. 

Rules / Guidelines

The City will determine the specific hunting period dates based on the number of hunters interested for each property. The hunting season is typically broken into 3 to 4 shorter hunting periods with "no hunting" days in between each period.

Hunters will be allowed to harvest two deer during their hunting period. Both deer will need a state issued Minnesota Department of Natural Resources tag for our area.

All rules and regulations put in place by the MN DNR and City of Anoka must be followed by all hunters. 

*New 2023* 
Crossbows will only be allowed by seniors 62+ and those upon a special request.


The City of Anoka issues a limited number of permits to archery hunt deer during the MN DNR Season on three city owned properties. All locations will remain open to the public during the hunting season and there may be pre-scheduled activities that may impact hunting.  

Anoka Nature PreserveDeer Close Up

The Anoka Nature Preserve is a 200 acre property located on the northern boundary of Anoka. The Rum River shores development from the southern and eastern border of the property. The Rum River forms the western border, and there is an existing Andover neighborhood to the north. A combination of agriculture, prairie, and oak savanna are present on the property.

Kings Island

Kings Island is a 75 acre property located northwest of Mississippi River Community Park. Kings Island is also bordered by US 10 and Mississippi River. The property has an oxbow of the Mississippi River running through it and a deep lake formed by gravel excavation in the 1950’s. The Mississippi River Trail bisects the property connecting the Anoka and Ramsey trail system. 

Sunny Acres

The zone for hunting near Sunny Acres is a small .5 acre parcel, southeast of the park itself and is adjacent to the City of Anoka’s brush and sweepings dumping area. This narrow strip of hunting space is surrounded by wetland, woods, and brush/street sweepings. 


Applications are closed and the season is full for the 2023 Archery hunt in Anoka. Please check back at the beginning of August 2024 for the 2024 Archery Season.